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What do I work with as an influencer?

Influencers have several tasks, the main tasks are:

1. Create content

2. Generate sales

3. Build community


Create content as an influencer

Content is usually video, for example reels or pictures.

Generate sales

This is largely about building a "platform" where followers accept your recommendations. Here it is important to stay consistent and credible. We have made it easy to keep it credible by influencers having a full right of return on everything they receive, including what they receive for free. To the extent that you give a review, it is important that you can also mention the negative, it is rare that a product will actually suit everyone, and the best is when the influencer manages to help the right person and find the right product. A sale that becomes a bargain is not good for the influencer, the buyer or the company that has to process the return.

Community building

Influencers are by nature more engaged than average and can help to keep life together by creating discussion and providing good input. An example is product group for famme


Frequently asked questions about our terms

You can find all our influencer terms here, these must be read and accepted as part of a collaboration with Famme. Here you will find a little more comprehensive information about what we mean by some of the points in the influencer conditions, as well as tips on how you can follow them in the best possible way.


  • no other competing brands should be promoted while you have a partnership with us.
  • This mainly applies to companies that sell training clothes, if you are unsure whether a brand applies as a competitor, feel free to send us an email and ask!

What should the Instagram post look like
- High quality image / video (read tips HERE on how to take better photos for Instagram)
- Mark your post with eg advertising / sponsorship / collaboration
- Add 10% of your code to the post
- Tell us which garments you have received and share a little about what you think about them!
- tag @famme and #fammely

What do I do if I have received many garments that I have not promoted yet?

There are many ways to create content where you promote many garments!
Here are some suggestions from us:
1.You can bring one or two friends who can take part in a photoshoot and show off all the garments in the same photo.

2. You can make a carousel post with different outfits you have put together with the garments you have received.

3.Laugh and reel! We love watching try-on hauls and reels have proven to be a hugely effective method of getting noticed on Instagram.

Here is an example of how to make a good try-on haul on reels: